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We are so happy to be able to spotlight our community contributors. You can find a number of them on our Learning Platform ( But they are sharing additional support tools with us that we will continue to feature here! 

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Meet Erin Delaney, Girls & Women Empowerment Coach

Erin is an advocate for girls and women claiming their truth, power & integrity as they learn tools to navigate their inner and outer world optimally, for the betterment of all beings. Here she shares some valuable tips to help us come back to our precious center (sometimes referred to as self-regulation tools) and maintain a healthy mindset.

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Meet Julie Pullman, Teen Health and Wellness Coach

As a Certified Health Professional and Personal Trainer with a specialty in Youth Physical Activity, and most importantly a mom to two teen girls, Julie knows that balance and wellness are possible for kids – with the right approach.  She shares her 8 Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Body Image, which is often a challenge for constantly changing teens. 

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Team work

How to Practice Communal Care

You’ve probably heard of self-care, but have you heard the term ‘communal care’? As a member of a team, whether you’re in a leadership role or not, you can practice communal care to help your teammates—and to help yourself in the process. But how do you do this?

Taking a Break

Teen Bullying

Children or teens who have been exposed to trauma and violence are more likely to bully others or be bullied.  The three major indicators of bullying are...


How to Best Support Student-Athlete Mental Wellness and Why It Matters

More conversations are happening about the importance of mental wellness for student-athletes, and mental health is increasingly talked about in similar ways as physical health.

Coach and Player

Coaches Corner

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