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Meet the FeelWise App

Navigating mental health can seem overwhelming and lonely...
But finding support shouldn't be.

Hanging Out Together

FeelWise App puts powerful mental health tools directly in your hands. 

With features like daily emotional voice analysis, mood tracking, body mapping, meditation, and personal growth tools --> everything needed to tackle stress and find peace quickly is at your fingertips.

You can even share your results and communicate with others inside the app!

Everyone wants to know more about their emotions. We help them figure it out.  


With FeelWise App, it's as simple as a daily check-in. Our voice Analysis AI understands how you're feeling.

FeelWise App doesn't just give advice; it gives you solutions to manage your emotions and build healthier relationships. With multiple tools available directly inside the app it quickly, easily, and powerfully supports mental health and emotional growth.


Daily Check-In

Record your voice and discover your daily Emotional Energy score with our AI Analysis Tool. (You’ll also get a nudge if someone in your tribe needs some extra love some days!)

Personalized Recommendations

Based on your results - try quick, uplifting activities chosen just for you to turn your day around fast.

Connect With Your Team Or AI Guide

Share your feelings and instantly connect with someone in your support team or your AI Guide — never feel alone!

Let FeelWise guide you to positive mental habits that last.

Feel Better Now With FeelWise

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 8.28.15 AM.png

How FeelWise App Can Support You

(it's simpler than you think!) 

  • Learn how to manage emotions for clearer communication

  • Build empathy and strengthen connections

  • Get equipped with tools to deal with problems early

  • Manage stress with ease

  • Healthily navigate conflicts

  • Teaches healthy ways to handle tough times and communicate with others how you are feeling

  • Creates a safe group for parents, teachers, and students to collectively address mental health challenges in real time 


Friend and Family Share Plan


Up to 6 users

The Buddy Plan


Up to 2 users

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